What is the Madrid Charter, the document signed by PAN senators and sparked controversy with the VOX party

Julen Rementería together with Santiago Abascal at the signing of the Madrid Charter Photo: Twitter / @julenrementeria

After the controversy unleashed by senators from the National Action Party (PAN) after meeting with Santiago Abascal, president of the Spanish VOX party, some doubts have remained in the air regarding the meeting.

At first, this meeting was presumed on the PAN Senate’s Twitter account, which aimed to create alliances in order to put an end to communism.

The signing of a document known as the Madrid Charter was then mentioned. This document has already been signed by various political leaders around the world.

What is the Madrid Charter?

The Charter of Madrid: in defense of freedom and democracy in the Iberosphere it is supported by different political and social leaders of the right with the aim of stopping the growth of communism (social, political and economic system that seeks to eliminate private property and social classes).

This letter has already been signed by characters from different countries such as Peru, Argentina, Venezuela, USA, El Salvador, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Sweden, Costa Rica, Cuba, and more.

In the case of Mexico, there is already a record of 7 people who have signed to have an alliance with the Madrid Charter: Alejandra Noemí Reynoso, Senator of the Republic of Mexico; Carlos Leal, Local Deputy in the Congress of the State of Nuevo León; Eduardo Verástegui, actor; Elsa Mendez Alvarez, Local Deputy in the Congress of the State of Querétaro; Fernando Doval, Secretary of Studies and Strategic Analysis of the PAN; Mario romo, President of Red Familia; and Pablo Adame, former Federal Deputy of the Mexican Republic.

PAN and Vox signed the Madrid Charter:
PAN and Vox signed the Madrid Charter: “Mexico will not be communist,” said Julen Rementería (Photo: Twitter / @SenadoresdelPAN)

According to this writing, the Iberosphere is made up of more than 700 million people that have great economic and geopolitical potential; Nevertheless, they assure that “a part of the region is kidnapped by totalitarian communist-inspired regimes, supported by drug trafficking and third countries.”

They even affirm that this part of the region that is kidnapped is under an ideological and criminal project that “Seeks to destabilize liberal democracies and the rule of law.” Other of his statements state that:

1.The advance of communism poses a serious threat to the prosperity and development of our nations, as well as to the freedoms and rights of our compatriots.

2.The rule of law, the rule of law, the separation of powers, freedom of expression and private property are essential elements that guarantee the proper functioning of our societies, so they must be specially protected against those who deal with to undermine them.

3. The defense of our freedoms is a task that belongs not only to the political sphere, but also to institutions, civil society, the media, academia, etc.

The leader of Vox and president of the Fundación Disenso, Santiago Abascal, on a trip to Mexico POLITICA VOX
The leader of Vox and president of the Fundación Disenso, Santiago Abascal, on a trip to Mexico POLITICA VOX

Santiago Abascal confirmed that he met with PAN leaders on the afternoon of Thursday, September 2, and mentioned that he was invited to the Mexican Senate by Julen Rementeria, PAN senators coordinator. “Today in the Senate of Mexico we have presented the Madrid Forum, our initiative to confront the advance of communism in the nations of the Iberosphere,” he specified through a tweet.

At that meeting, which took place on Thursday afternoon, 15 senators and 3 congressmen were present. The PAN senators coordinator, Julen Rementería, confirmed through his Twitter account that he signed the Madrid Charter. Today I signed the Charter of Madrid with Santiago Abascal in the Senate of the Republic. We are going for the defense of democracy, freedom and private property ”, he pointed out.

However, today the PAN launched a release that indicates that some senators did attend the meeting but that their participation was in a personal capacity with the use of their freedom. They also offered an apology for the interpretations that were given since no political act was signed and that the Madrid Charter “manifested the individual willingness to work in defense of the rule of law.”


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