What is happening with Banca Transilvania. Customers need to know everything now

The political crisis we are currently going through has a strong impact on the financial market. The Bucharest Stock Exchange also feels the shock wave, together with the listed companies.

It seems that the turnover of the stock market was 46.04 million lei (9.30 million euros), slightly above the average of recent years, but it is true that through the contribution of what could be portfolio rearrangements through exchanges in the hill market. These also included issuers usually in the forefront of the stock market, namely SIF Oltenia (SIF5), with a special transaction of 1.81 million lei, and Evergent Investments (EVER), with a transfer of 1.33 million lei, show Profit.ro.

What is happening with Banca Transilvania

The most significant activity on the regulated market belongs Bank of Transylvania. The quoted source shows that the shares of Banca Transilvania (TLV) suffered a decline of 1.31%, up to the price of 3,0100 lei / share. They gave the direction of the market together with the Fondul Proprietatea (FP) securities, which lost 0.66%, up to the price of 1.7980 lei / share, on volumes equivalent to 2.51 million lei.

“The decline was on the line at the level of indices: -0.14% for the BET Plus composite index, -0.98% for the BET-FI financial index which closed at the level of 50,672.69 points, -0.04% for the index energy BET-NG and -0.10% for the representative BET index which at the level of 12,344.64 points is the 4th highest value in its history “, it is also shown in the quoted analysis.

I remind you that, in the top of Romanian banks, Banca Transilvania continues to strongly dominate the first position. In the first half of this year, the company has a consolidated net profit of 1015 billion lei, up 47.2% compared to the first year of the pandemic. From the amount mentioned above, the bank’s profit is 901 million lei, higher by 48.3% compared to 2020, it is shown in a report sent to the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Also, customer deposits reached 97.2 billion lei, of which 65.9 billion lei are the savings of individuals and 31.3 billion lei of legal entities. The operational efficiency of the bank is kept at a comfortable level and is 46.7%.

Regarding the granting of loans, referring us to the period January-June 2021, Banca Transilvania granted over 114,000 loans to companies and individuals. Loans for companies are worth 4.8 billion lei. The bank has approximately 3.14 million retail customers, almost 360,000 SME & Micro customers and approximately 11,000 corporate customers.

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