What is Atlético Tucumán for, according to Augusto Lotti

The forward made reference to the current situation of the Tucuman team and what is to come in the Professional Football League.

Augusto Lotti

Augusto Lotti is Atlético Tucumán’s scorer in the era of Omar De Felippe. The footballer, who missed the start of the tournament for having tested positive for Covid-19, did not miss the opportunities he had playing from the start or entering the second half and was an important alternative for the coaching staff.

After morning training on the premises, Lots spoke at a press conference and referred to the present of the Dean: “It is a short week, with few days to work, but the having achieved the victory against Newell’s gives peace of mind to prepare the game with Arsenal in the best way. There are always things to correct, but it is easier to do it when the team wins. The victories bring more peace of mind to be able to work on them and give confidence for what is to come“.

Regarding the commitment of next Saturday, the forward of Athletic Tucuman explained: “You have to take it very seriously, we know that they do not come well, these parties can deceive because If you do not enter one hundred percent concentrated, you can lose it from the start and then it becomes very difficult. We know that they are going to come to pose a difficult and very tough match, so we cannot relax, be as concentrated as possible from the first minute“.

Finally, Lots made mention of the goals of the campus in the local contest: “Since we started the year, the idea was to be in the Cup qualification zone. We had ups and downs like all teams, today we are quite close and you have to keep adding to get into that fight and achieve the goal“.


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