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what happens to voice messages

by drbyos

WhatsApp so often benefits from important updates that it seems strange when you see really useful new features, options without which you have lived so far. This category also includes the imminent update, available at this time in beta.

As always, WABetaInfo has unveiled a new feature in WhatsApp before it is widely available. The option in question will make life significantly easier for those who have not developed a special enthusiasm from listening to friends’ audio messages, recordings. It is about the in-app integration of an algorithm for transcribing those records in text format.

What happens to audio messages on WhatsApp

In the video below, you can see how a new WhatsApp option works to transcribe the audio messages you receive. Officials of the company owned by Facebook have confirmed that they are working hard on this function, but that it is still in the first tests and it will be quite a long time before it will be widely available.

In terms of how it works, at least on the iPhone, the speech is transformed into text using the Speech Recognition mechanism developed by Apple. So your messages will not reach Facebook, the parent company of WhatsApp for this transformation. Chat officials promise that all your conversations will continue to be encrypted from one end to the other, even if they go through this transformation.

WhatsApp voice messages are a useful feature when you are not in a situation where you are typing a messy message. On the other hand, you put the recipient in a position to listen to them forcibly, and that is not a real possibility every time or in any set of circumstances. For this reason, transcribing spoken words into text may be the best solution in both universes.

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