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What happened when Real Madrid fought for the title on the last day?

by drbyos

On 12 occasions the merengue team left with nothing in LaLiga when they played the championship on the last date

The Real Madrid has arrived fighting for the title of the Spanish League on the last day on 18 occasions, of which in six he has been able to be champion and 12 has been unable to celebrate as the best team in the Spanish championship.

On the six occasions that Real Madrid arrived fighting for the League title on the last day and emerged as champions, they are recorded in the 31-32 season, in the 64-65, 71-72, 79-80, 2002 – 2003 and in the 2006 – 2007 season.

In the 64-65 season, Real Madrid faced a scenario like that of the 2020-2021 season, the actual. I needed to win and that the Atletico Madrid lost to get the league title. The meringues were crowned by beating Sevilla 1-0 on the last day and the colchoneros losing 3-2 at the home of Zaragoza.

Of those six occasions, in five he depended on himself, so the victory or draw on the last day opened the doors for him to boast himself as the best team in the Spanish league.

In the 31-32 season, Real Madrid was undefeated champion and only needed to draw with Barcelona on the last day. In the 71-72 and 79-80 campaigns, victory on the last day was also enough to secure the championship, despite the fact that his competitors pressured him until the last game. The same happened in the 2002 – 2003 and 2006 – 2007 seasons.

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The white miracle. As in the 64-65 season, the merengues need to win in their last game of the season, against Villarreal, and for Atlético to lose on their visit to Valladolid, in order to celebrate the league championship in the 2020-2021 season.


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