What does the yellow bar on the Corona certificate mean for a trip abroad?

Perhaps one or the other noticed it during the summer holidays, but it should affect many in the next few weeks: the Corona certificate of many Swiss people is expiring. A large yellow bar is emblazoned in the certificate app. “This certificate will expire soon,” it says. Because: In Switzerland, the certificate of the booster is valid for nine months after the vaccination. Because the last vaccination was due last winter and no further recommendation from the federal government has been issued so far, the certificate expires for many citizens.

This is not a problem for the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG), as the «Blick» writes. “The period of validity refers to Switzerland, which is currently not relevant: the certificate is not in use in Switzerland,” the BAG told the newspaper.

This may be true in Switzerland, but the certificate still plays a role abroad. However, the federal government gives the all-clear: «Even a certificate that has expired according to Swiss rules can be valid abroad. The rules for entering the destination country must therefore continue to be clarified in a timely manner.” But what if the yellow bar pops up when you present the certificate and the inspector considers the certificate to be no longer valid? In order to prevent such misunderstandings, the BAG wants to adapt the app next week. The “Validity in Switzerland” field is no longer displayed.



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