“What do you want? Sex? I won’t give it to you, I have a woman and two children.” The police published a video from the body cameras of patrolmen – participants in the incident in Dnipro, which ended in shooting

“What do you want? Sex? I won’t give it to you, I have a woman and two children.”  The police published a video from the body cameras of patrolmen – participants in the incident in Dnipro, which ended in shooting

The video begins with footage taken by a surveillance camera in Dnipro at one of the intersections, where a Jaguar car came into view of the patrol.

The police also showed a video of the driving Jaguar from another camera. The footage shows that a man is driving, and a woman in a black dress with large white peas is in the passenger seat.

The same woman opens the door on the left side of the car and sits in the driver’s seat at the moment the body cameras begin filming.

The police report that they have recorded a violation of the rules – at the intersection of Sergei Nigoyan and Ivan Mazepa Avenue, Jaguar made a left turn from the extreme right lane.

“And it was impossible?” the woman asks.

Patrol officers ask the woman to show her driver’s license and car documents. In response, she asks if there were video cameras at the intersection and whether the violation was filmed, and asks to show her the video.

The police promise to show the video after they get acquainted with the documents, but the woman says she wants to see footage of the violation first.

Further, the video continues with shots in which a man is standing near the driver’s door and, leaning on the car, asks the police about the reason for the stop, they repeat that the car passed the intersection in violation of the rules. After that, the man begins to communicate with the patrolmen on you and swear.

“And I’ll show you the diploma, fuck how I volunteered,” he says.

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The patrol responds that she can show her certificates.

“Show me, bl…what the fuck are you,” the man says.

The patrol police officer asks not to talk to her in a similar tone.

“So what the fuck is the reason for the stop, I asked, bl…”, continues the man.

During the ensuing skirmish involving several people, including a woman sitting in a car, he declares that he does not want to communicate with the patrol at all.

“So run out, run, the fuck, don’t take my time. So why the fuck did you stop me?” the man says.

The patrolwoman protests that she didn’t stop him.

“What do you want? Sex? I won’t give you, bl…, I have a woman, f…th, and two children, bl… Run on f…th!” – continues the interlocutor on the video.

The policewoman informs the man that, according to the law, he restricts his stay at the scene of the offense and requires him to move 20 meters away, and if he does not comply with the law enforcement officers’ request, he will be detained.

“Bl…, I’ll call a lawyer now, and you’ll be fucked,” he replies.

After that, the man bypasses the car and sits in the passenger seat, simultaneously offering the woman driving to leave. The police demand to stay where they are, warn that the perpetrators will be detained, and try to pull the woman out by opening the car door.

“What are you doing?!” screams the woman behind the wheel.

The man jumps out of the passenger seat, starts a fight with the police, at the same time telling one of the children sitting in the car to call the police and call 102. After 22 seconds, three shots are heard on the video and a shout: “Everything on the floor!”

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The video ends with the words of the patrolman addressed to his partner: “He broke your face, Nastya.” In the background, a man is seen lying on the ground – a participant in the conflict, over whom a policeman is standing.

“Respect is the subjective position of one person in relation to another, recognition of the dignity of the individual, a feeling of respect for anyone. Mutual respect is a fundamental value in modern society, especially in a society based on such essential values ​​as democracy and freedom: it involves respect for the diversity of ideas , thoughts, ideologies, beliefs, etc.”, – such a caption to the video was posted in the post by the press service of the patrol police.

Program “Scheme” (Radio Liberty) on Telegram later released the full version of the footage from the chest cameras of the police, lasting more than eight minutes. It follows from this that the discussion about the legality of stopping Jaguar patrols lasted longer than on the edited video from the patrol police.

In particular, the man in the video promised the police that they would lose their jobs because they stopped the car, in his opinion, illegally. The Jaguar man gave the order to leave the scene of the incident after talking to someone on the phone for about a minute, ending the conversation with the words: “Well, come on, we’ll figure it out ourselves then.”


Shooting in the Dnieper with the participation of a policeman who mortally wounded a man, took place on the evening of August 29 on Ivan Mazepa Avenue, they said in the regional patrol police department. The National Police appointed an internal investigation into the use of service firearms by a patrol policeman, both patrol officers were suspended from their duties.

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The media reported that the driver of the Jaguar, who was eventually killed, threatened and beat a female police officer, after which he began to beat another patrolman, so he used a service firearm. The SBI confirmed that the man who was shot by the policeman behaved aggressively, and said that he “had all the signs of alcohol intoxication.”

The patrolman who shot the man was detained on the fact of exceeding official powers, reported on August 29 in the Dnepropetrovsk regional prosecutor’s office. On August 30, the State Bureau of Investigation clarified that both patrolmen were hospitalized, while The policeman who shot the man is under special surveillance by law enforcement officers.


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