What are the very rare lire that are also worth 13,000 euros? Here are the ones you might have

There are about ten lira coins that today are considered very rare and for this reason they are worth many euros. Coins that can still be found in your home without knowing you have a real treasure. At the top of the list are the 1957 500 lire coins. If in brilliant minting this coin is worth about 13,000 euros. It is easily recognizable because it presents on its reverse the design of the three caravels in navigation.

Another coin considered extremely rare today is the 10 lire coin from 1947. If in brilliant minting this coin is worth about 5,000 euros. At the time, just 12,000 copies were put into circulation. Of these, some are even worth € 6,000. They are the ones in which the clogs and date are smaller than normal. This coin is easily recognizable because it bears the olive tree on one side and Pegasus on the other side.

The third very rare coin to pay close attention to is the 1 lira coin from 1946. In this case, if the coin is a Brilliant Uncirculated coin it can be worth around 2,000 euros. However, it is necessary to find the coin that bears the word “proof” because of these just 80 have been minted. It is easy to recognize because it is understood and known as the orange lira.

The fourth extremely rare coin that is valued fairly today is the 2 lire coin from 1946. In this case its value is around 1,500 euros if in Brilliant Uncirculated. It drops to 1,000 euros if the currency is a FDS. Also in these cases the coin must bear the inscription “Proof” because even of these in 1946 just 80 were minted.

The very rare lire which are also worth 13,000 euros

The fifth coin today considered very rare is another 2 lire coin which was minted in 1953. They are the 2 lire Olivo. Also in this case in the coin you will have to find the writing “Test. If in minting flowers its value is about 1,500 euros which in this case drops to just 500 euros if the coin is a FDS.

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