What are BBVA’s bonuses to clients for failure on Sunday, September 12 – El Sol de México

BBVA will compensate your customers with 1% and 2% bonuses after failures in your system last Sunday that caused ATMs, mobile application and card payment systems to stop working.

The bank announced that before “the bad Sunday that we put you through”, all purchases that the next September 19 with credit or debit cards they will give a benefit thatEU will be applied automatically to the account.

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What will the bonuses be like?

The bonuses will work as follows:

-If used Debit will receive a 1% bonus on all purchases of the day using a physical credit card, or receive a 2% bonus on all purchases of the day using a digital credit card.

-If used credit card will be able to accumulate the double points on all purchases of the day using the physical credit card or accumulate the triple points on all purchases of the day using a digital credit card.

The accumulation of points applies to purchases in a single exhibition and purchases for months without interest.

How do I request the bonus?

The bank clarified that to obtain the bonus No registration required nor will it call customers by any means to request information.

He reiterated that confidential information should not be given: “We will never ask for this information for any reason, make sure you protect it and do not give it to anyone.”

The fatal Sunday for BBVA clients

On September 13, almost 24 million BBVA Mexico customers They could not have cash at the more than 13 thousand ATMs or use their credit and debit cards, as well as the digital application, which lasted for more than 20 hours.

On Monday, BBVA Mexico stated that the problems in the bank’s operation were caused by an “internal error” when updating systems.

The updates started between 1 and 3 a.m. on Sunday, but they were not applied correctly and caused a collapse in the bank’s operations until 9:00 p.m., for which BBVA left its clients without service for 20 hours.

“We wanted to prevent ourselves, because a holiday and the biggest celebration season of the year is approaching, where there are a large number of transactions,” argued Jorge Terrazas, director of Communication and Corporate Identity at BBVA.

The National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) already requested the bank BBVA the general failure report that he had last Sunday.

Although the process is still in its initial stages, sources close to the investigation told El Sol de México that the largest bank in the country by number of clients could receive a sanction of up to 12 million pesos, because it does not have an alternate server and failed to restore your service in less than 60 minutes, as established by law.

The sanction would be similar to the one received by the Mexican Stock Exchange on October 9 of last year, when it interrupted its operation around 11:00 in the morning, and did not reactivate it until the next day’s session.

The sources consulted by this newspaper indicated that the sanction could be more serious considering that the bank failures son “Recurring” every fortnight, even if they have also been presented by digital updates.



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