West Java Health Office’s Efforts to Overcome Measles Outbreaks in Two Regions

PORTALJABAR, BANDUNG CITY – The Regional Government of West Java Province through the West Java Health Office rolled out a number of efforts to deal with Measles Extraordinary Events (KLB) in two areas in West Java, namely Bogor Regency and West Bandung Regency.

Plt. The Head of the West Java Health Service, Nina Susana, said that efforts to tackle measles outbreaks in the two areas were based on the results of analysis and recommendations from the results of outbreak investigations to minimize the number of sufferers.

The method is by conducting case management, communicating risks to the public and policy makers, as well as implementing an immediate immunization response (outbreak response immunization/ORI) based on the results of epidemiological studies. ORI itself is carried out to stop the transmission of measles by increasing immunity so that outbreaks can be treated.

“Based on reports from districts/cities, two areas that stated they had met the criteria for an increase in cases/KLB were Bogor Regency and West Bandung Regency,” said Nina.

“Maybe cases are also found in other areas, but there is a possibility that they will not be found and reported so we don’t know about them. As long as they can be handled properly, by treating symptoms and providing protection or immunization for children according to their age and not causing death, then the epidemic is still controllable,” he added.

Head of the Disease Prevention and Control Division at the West Java Health Service Ryan Bayusantika said that prevention of measles can be done by immunizing and completing the measles immunization status for all children aged 9-59 months, as well as continuing to apply self-awareness by finding suspected measles (people with symptoms of fever and maculopapular rash). .

Apart from that, said Ryan, an examination can also be carried out in the laboratory to determine whether it is measles or not so that it can be treated earlier.

“However, the most important prevention of measles is to increase the coverage of measles-rubella immunization,” he said.

Ryan also added, with the presence of two areas with Measles Outbreak status, the other areas are not necessarily free from this status.

“Because we only get it based on reports, it could still be in the field or in the community but not reported. Therefore, it is very important to report any symptoms of rash fever to the health worker for samples to be taken and examined in the laboratory to determine whether it is measles or no and report it to the Regency/Municipal Health Office and West Java Province,” said Ryan.



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