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Welcome to Charleroi

by drbyos

Charleroi was voted ‘ugliest city in the world’ in 2008 by readers of a Dutch newspaper, De Volkskrant. High unemployment, crime and poverty rates, political and social scandals, abandoned factories and ghost metros all contributed to this negative image. My good friend Derk Zijlker and i visited Charleroi for the last two years and made a short documentary about this interesting Belgium city.

Bienvenue à Charleroi: (ENGLISH SUBS)
The Walloon city of Charleroi is disintegrating. The bleak streets have been vacated and the men in the bars stare across their glasses of beer to the past rather than the future. What opportunities are still available here? Who wants to live here? Who is to blame for the decay? Sober observations of the city get a personal touch through short contemplations by young and old inhabitants who, despite often being negative, still seem attached to this working-class town in the south of Belgium.

Director / Camera / Co-Editor: Jelle Dijkstra
Co-Director / Co-Editor: Derk Zijlker
Interviews: Lysanne Kok, Mundo Resink, Roel Braeken
Sounddesign: Sam Huisman
Editor: Amos Mulder
Post supervisor: Jochem Van Rijs

(This film has been realized by the support of the Dutch city Utrecht)

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