Wejdene in tears victim of harassment, “I experienced it being attacked”

Wejdene aroused the concern of his fans by appearing in a very saddened story with the message ” the wheel spins “ and a middle finger emoji. A few hours after this intriguing publication, she explained herself by revealing that she had been the victim of harassment and to speak about it in her next title.

Since the success of the tube Anissa, Wejdene’s life has completely changed and she has become a celebrity, even allowing her to participate in the program Danse Avec Les Stars on TF1 last year, but this notoriety has drawn the wrath of her detractors. After having joked about a possible featuring with Drake, the young 17-year-old singer has decided to confide in harassment in music and has just teased the posting of her clip which is likely to make a lot of talk.

Wejdene addresses his detractors

“I’m fine my loves. I even have a surprise for you” she first reassured in an Instagram story to give news to her fans after the video in which she filmed herself on the verge of tears in a car. “Far from there the idea of ​​creating a buzz! Yesterday’s situation could have really happened, I have already experienced it several times, being attacked, rejected from a group, not feeling in my own skin. Even today many forget that I’m only 17, criticize me and hate me for nothing, when all I want is to make music. » she continued.

“Whether you like it or not, I’m doing it for my generation. Know that your wickedness has made me stronger! But I will never understand her. My high school years were very difficult for me so I’m releasing a new single to denounce this harassment, you and me, you are the best. »then declares Wejdene before presenting the first images of his next clip, describing that this is his story.

Wejdene in tears, she worries before explaining herself to announce the release of her next single!

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