Weight loss: Dr. Alexandra Dalu examines the ideas received

Weight loss: Dr. Alexandra Dalu examines the ideas received

Stop the restrictive regimes, they are useless and promote the “yo-yo” effect. This is the message delivered by Mac Lesggy and nutritionist Alexandra Dalu on the show E = M6 entitled Because I fatten up, how I lose weight, broadcast on Monday 6 May on M6 for 21 hours.

For more than two and a half hours, the journalist and the doctor will explain that the weight gain could be linked to various factors, more or less known: hormonal problems, sedentary lifestyle but also poor quality of sleep. And it brings the solutions adapted to each profile with a keyword: a complete patient care.

Dr. Alexandra Dalu also takes the opportunity to twist her neck at all prejudices about diets and weight loss. The nutritionist receives many patients on a daily basis, who are far from having good reflexes to permanently lose their extra pounds. For example, many decide to eliminate fat from their diet, while it is essential for the proper functioning of our body.

The nutritionist, author of the 100 ideas received that keep you from going well(Ed.Leduc.s) returns to these preconceived ideas that can, on the contrary, unbalance your diet and cause overweight.

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