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Weh flashes with complaint in court – Vorarlberger Nachrichten

by drbyos

Bregenz For the third time, the lawyer and Bregenz Neos city representative Ludwig Weh has been dismissed with a complaint against the state capital Bregenz. First, Weh had turned to the district authority of Bregenz to appeal a decision by the city council, in which the city chief Michael Ritsch (SP) had voted despite alleged bias. The district authority confirmed the city’s opinion that there was no bias and rejected the complaint. The state capital published the decision of the district authority on the city website. Weh took this as an opportunity to send a request for information with a list of questions to the mayor. Among other things, Weh wanted to know who was responsible for the publication or who had to decide on the published content.

After being unsatisfied with the city’s answer, Weh made this request two more times. Apparently still dissatisfied, he filed a complaint with the regional administrative court in Bregenz. There the judge ruled that both Mayor Ritsch and the state capital have apparently fully complied with their information obligation. For SP city councilor Annette Fritsch “it is clear that it is not a question of the desire for transparency, but rather an opposition strategy aimed specifically against the mayor”.

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