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Weber: Mercedes did not give Schumacher a suitable car

by drbyos

In 2010, Michael Schumacher returned to Formula 1 after a three-year break, but the best achievement of the seven-time world champion was third place at the 2012 European Grand Prix in Valencia. Willy Weber, a former manager of Schumacher, believes that Michael should not have returned, and the lack of results is due to the fact that the German could not adapt to the new generation car …

Willy Weber: “I 100% agree that the car did not fit him. Michael has specific requirements for the settings, and Mercedes could not provide him with them. New cars developed in a different direction, and Michael could not affect it, as he did in Benetton and Ferrari.

After Ross Brown could not significantly improve the car, and Nico Rosberg unexpectedly turned out to be faster, Michael could not compensate for this. The technique became different, the generation of riders changed, although Michael himself was always in shape.

Michael failed at Mercedes. If he only listened to me … He tried everything, and together with Rosberg they made the car faster, which allowed Mercedes to win the title many times. However, no return was necessary. ”


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