Weary Traveler (official music video) – Jordan St. Cyr

Listen to my song “Weary Traveler” here: https://jordan.ffm.to/traveler.oyd Subscribe to my YouTube channel: …


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  1. This song was released a few days before my husband passed away. It just hits emotional marks in so many ways and has brought me more comfort that I can truly describe. Thank you.

  2. To my daughter, Willow Marie:

    You were with us for 19 hours before God called you home. Your journey with us here was so short, yet so beautiful.

    Though you now rest – we continue to travel. At times, we feel as if the journey will swallow us whole.

    But by God’s grace, though weary, we travel on. We travel because our story is not done. We travel because there is still work for us here.

    We take heart because as your feet lay buried beneath God’s creation, we remember that as the sun rises in the east – so too will your feet rise again. We remember God takes a weary traveler, and gives them eternal rest.

    That’s where you are – and that’s where we’ll be, too.

    We won’t be weary long.

    See you soon,


  3. That was a very good video and I love this song because I so look forward to being home with our Lord Jesus and He has put this song on my mind many times directly as I wake up, it's so encouraging that the Lord does that and it has helped me many times to keep going in this crazy and challenging but good fight of faith, may the Lord bless all who read this and I hope to see you all in heaven soon ????

  4. Since last January my husband’s health has had one negative result after the next. in April we found out he had to have his right side of his colon and part of his small intestine removed. It was postponed in July due to Covid lack of beds, A little later in the year, and again yesterday morning . The day of the #Klove Christmas Concert, Best Buy flooded our entire house trying to install a new washer and dryer on December 3rd in Augusta,. we are ready #JordanStCyr as your song For a “Turn it Around!”. being an RN, and a former PICU nurse, i know the difficulty of chronic illness with children and have total compassion and empathy for you, Emery, and #HeatherStCyr! this last year after being disabled with CRPS from an OR flood 18 years ago, and losing my pastor’s son succumbing to suicide 3 years ago, I am certified to Pour Hope Into Life! Romans15:13 Overflow Foundation! but , pouring hope into my husband’s life and wanting something more than they want it themselves is weary! ????Trying to give it to God and not take it back! ❤️✝️????????????????

  5. Amen hallelujah I love this worship song I am always listening to this at my car at home & it brings me so much peace knowing that oneday I will be home with my Lord & savior ???? ???? ❤

    This Is MY LIFE! I could never have made it this far if GOD had not carried me through two Cancers, and So Much More loss and HeArTaChE!! …s Spouse Suicide Survivor, and MORE

    Praise God

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