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Before the boom of the urban genre exploded in various Latin American countries, many already enjoyed his songs. This is Makano, an iconic exponent of romantic reggaeton, who attended a new interview on Bío Bío TV, where he told details of his career and his new musical projects.

The 40-year-old singer recalled the beginnings of his career, when he shared with his friends one that was called “Los Makanos”. Faced with the impossibility of recording together, they promised that the first one who could succeed as a soloist would keep the name. In 1999 he recorded his first song and it stuck with the nickname.

Then, in a facet far from music, he commented that “I worked as a general assistant in a furniture company, electrical assistant.” That until members of the Panama Music label searched for him. “I presented the producer with all these songs (the ones he had written) and he was delighted, thank God, with everything I had and the rest is history,” he said.

In 2008 he internationalized his career by launching “Te amo”. Her success was such that a short time ago national artists, Pailita and Young Cister, used part of her hit, “Let me enter”, in “Let’s walk hand in hand”. “Hundreds of people tagged me to try to do the collaboration and get together with Pailita. She was talking about some things, but due to issues already, above, it has not been achieved, ”she assured.

Makano will perform this Friday, September 1, at Room 68, where he will sing his most recent premiere: “Parchecito”, which, according to his words, is “another song, very different from what I usually do, trying to adapt to the new musical trends.

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2023-08-31 19:42:06


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