We take you behind the scenes of the special news week of the press, at the Boivin high school in Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur

This Tuesday, March 22, France 3 Bourgogne relocated part of its 12-hour newspaper to the Jean-Marc Boivin high school, in Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur (Côte-d’Or). The opportunity to present behind the scenes of the JT to the students of a second class, as part of the week of the press.

Special diary for special day. This Tuesday, March 22, the JT de midi de France 3 Bourgogne turned a special page “press week“at the Jean-Marc Boivin high school in Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur (Côte-d’Or).

On this occasion, we invite you to discover behind the scenes of this newspaper, as the students of a second class were able to do during the morning.

The first step of the day is the editorial conference. During this meeting, the topics that will make up the journal, as well as those that will be covered on our website, are defined by the editors. We therefore joined the students at 8:30 am so that they could observe this essential passage of the journalist’s day.

28 high school students were present to attend the conference, which lasted almost an hour. At the helm, Mathieu Morel, one of the five deputy editors of France 3 Bourgogne. At his side, Marie Jolly, who will present the “press week” sequence during the newspaper.

Several students are then interviewed by Elsa Bezin and Romain Liboz, responsible for producing one of the two reports supposed to feed the said sequence.

Shortly after 9:30 a.m., the conference comes to an end. “I hope we can show you why the job of journalist is important“, concludes Mathieu Morel.

Florence Le Touz, French teacher, is at the origin of the “media project” in which the second 1st class took part. She was joined in this initiative by Isabelle Convers, English teacher. The objective, to integrate an introduction to the world of the media into the courses provided, in order to allow students to develop their critical thinking.

Around 9:45 a.m., these two teachers welcome the high school students in room 214 to debrief the editorial conference. “So, what did you take away from it? What qualities do you need to have to be a journalist?“, ask the teachers.

Among teenagers, the answers fuse. “You have to know how to resist stress“, responds one. “Be organized“, adds another. “Don’t get offended, too“, bids a third.

10 hours. Mathieu Morel arrives in the class to present his job to the high school students. They assail him with questions. “What do you do in a day? Do you have many days off per week? How much did you get paid?“With a touch of humour, our editor-in-chief tries to satisfy the curiosity of his young interlocutors. “Oh, you know, after the conference it’s usually tennis.

The clock is ticking, the news is getting closer. Two students, Ganaël and Lina, volunteered to be interviewed live. They both join Marie Jolly, so that she explains to them how their intervention will take place.

The rest of the class follows me, direction the CDI, for a new session of questions and answers. This time, it is the role of web journalist that is at the center of attention.

Around 11:15 a.m., everyone gathers in the room that will serve as the setting for the sequence in the news. Under the supervision of the France 3 Bourgogne technical team, tables and chairs are lined up to give the impression of being in a classroom.

Only a few more minutes before the start of the newspaper. Students are encouraged to switch their cell phones to airplane mode to facilitate transmission.

Midday. Silence invaded the room. Marie Jolly is in place. In his headset, the script of the JT, who is in the premises of France 3 in Dijon, gives him the signal.

video length: 01min 14

Interview with Lina, student at Boivin high school in Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur

©Romain Liboz / France Televisions

Just under nine minutes separate the start of the “press week” page from its end. An interval during which the high school students follow with interest the interventions of their comrades, as well as those of the deputy headmaster and the headmaster.

When they left, this effort earned them the thanks of the entire France 3 team present. “And I hope I have been able to give some people the desire to be a journalist“, ends Mathieu Morel.

As a reminder, the week of the press in the school ends on March 26.


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