We often leave them at the supermarket but these are the best beers according to experts

Beer is enjoying great success with the public. In fact, in past years we associated this fresh drink with meetings between friends, moments of lightheartedness to share. We thought it was a light, unpretentious alcoholic drink.

We drank it with pizza, with chips at the tables of the our favorite bar. For at least ten years now, however, beer has become a luxury, niche product. There are, in fact, more and more craft breweries that offer customers a wide range of different beers. Of course, taste critics have also begun to analyze the best beers around.

Slow Food Editore has recently published the guide “Birre d’Italia”, giving us many surprises. In fact, we often leave them at the supermarket, but these are the best beers according to experts. Let’s see what they are.

The guide

This year the Slow Food Beers Guide presents a narrower list of recommended beers. In fact, they are 387, almost half compared to the 597 of the 2020 edition. The choice concerns rules of specificity and precision: too many beers reported is equivalent, in fact, not to report any.

While it is true that Italian beer producers are increasingly numerous, on the other hand the guide aims to focus on quality. The difference between quality selection and general production census consists precisely in this type of choice.

How to read the guide

There are two signs we need to know to understand what driving means to us. The first is the now famous snail: it recognizes an excellent quality of artisanal productions that have established themselves over time. To have the snail, a beer must recognize itself in the territory of origin and respect precise rules of the sector.

The other recognition is excellence. When a beer has this wording, the guide tells us that the product has passed difficult evaluations related to its recognizable quality on the entire production.

We often leave them at the supermarket but these are the best beers according to experts

There are 34 snails in Italy. In Piedmont we find “Elvo”, “LoverBeer, Montegioco Croce di Malto”, “Troll”, and “Beba”. While in Liguria the “Maltus Faber”. In Lombardy, however, “Elav”, “Rural Brewery”, “Italian Brewery”, “Carrobiolo” and the “Hammer”. In South Tyrol we have the “Batzen”, while in Veneto the “Ofelia” and the “Sieman”. Then, in Friuli “Foglia d’Erba” and in Tuscany “Brùton” and “Birrificio del Forte”.

In Umbria the “Birrificio dell’Eremo”, while in the Marche “Mukkeller” and “MC-77”. In Lazio the “Hilltop” and “Vento forte”, in Abruzzo, instead, the “Almond 22” and the “Opperbacco”. In Campania the “Sorrento” and the “Birrificio dell’Aspide”. Puglia gives us the “Birranova” and the “B94”, while Sardinia the “Barley”. As for the refiners, the “Cantina Errante”, the “Ca ‘del Brado” and the “Casa Gori” are worthy of note.


Great look guaranteed with this cheap wine that many avoid buying.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted WHO”)

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