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“We must respect religion”

by drbyos

“I’ve been in Belgium for 40 years. 40 years that I work in the meat. I opened my butcher shop 30 years ago. And I’ve never seen that. », Says Azirar El Mamoun. “Why do they want to prevent us from following our precepts? Why do they always have to come and attack our religion? “

The owner of the Islamic butcher Azirar in Étangs Noirs (Molenbeek) does not mince words about the proposed ordinance put on the government table by Bernard Clerfayt (DéFI). Following the opinion delivered by the Constitutional Court, the Minister of Animal Welfare wishes to make slaughtering with prior stunning compulsory, thereby prohibiting ritual slaughter to supply halal and kosher butchers.

>> For the butcher, the debate is distorted
: “We must respect religion”

>> This other butcher share this misunderstanding
: “We are going to endanger stores”


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