“We are the Swiss army knife”: great (or not), four rural mayors tell their daily lives

The role of mayor of a small rural town is not easy. On the occasion of the congress of the Association of Rural Mayors of France in Dordogne until October 2, four rural mayors confide in their passion for their mission but also the difficulties they encounter.

“My constituents are like my family, my children”, “We have a closeness with the inhabitants that we don’t necessarily have in big cities”, “We do everything, we are the Swiss army knife”, “There is a lot of things that rest on my shoulders”, “It’s not always easy to please everyone” : from Dordogne but also from Cantal and the Hautes-Alpes, four rural mayors confided in France Bleu Périgord on the good and bad sides of their daily lives. The Association of Rural Mayors of France gathered its members for three days until Sunday, October 2 in Eymet, in Dordogne.


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