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Watch a new video leaked on one of the “Women of Khaled Youssef”

Written by Amir Fathi Wednesday 27 March 2019 at 12:56 – Sirtab’s clips in the videos of the case of Egyptian director Khaled Youssef with the Camellia dance explained the dance of the recent underwear.

The prosecution in Egypt decided to detain Camellia in the investigation after his arrest for his involvement in the case, after being accused of accusations including the immorality incitement and immorality and the conduct of acts contrary to morality, which appear in the videos are harmful.

His defense team said he had already married Yusuf Arfiya for a while and was unaware of his photograph.Advertising

These were the details of the news that we saw a new video leaked to one of the “Women of Khaled Youssef” for today, we hope that we have provided you with details and complete information and to follow all our news you can subscribe to system alerts or one of our various systems to provide you with everything that is new.

It should also be noted that the original news was published and is on Norton and the Gulf 365 editorial team confirmed it and may have been modified and may have been completely transferred or quoted by him and it will be possible to read and follow the news of this source from.


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