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Was there an alternate ending to firing Daniel Craig?

by drbyos

Since the premiere of No time to die, theories have not ceased to emerge regarding the farewell of Daniel Craig of this franchise that started back in 2016 with Casino Royale. Some claim that there were creative differences between the director, Cary Fukunaga, and the other writers, however, the man behind the edit,Tom Cross finally made it clear whether or not the ending we saw in the last James Bond movie was the first choice.

The controversy arose as a result of the death of agent 007, who sacrificed himself to save his newly recovered beloved, Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux), and the daughter of both. But romanticism was not to everyone’s liking, because in sixty years of the famous British saga, James Bond had never been seen starring in such a romantic outcome.

The hardened fans who follow the Bond story from the time of Sean Connery, they know perfectly well that those who die are always the Bond girls, starting with Jill Masterson on Goldfinger until Vesper (Eva Green) on Casino Royale.

There are many reasons why Daniel Craig left the project after a decade of embodying what many call the best James Bond in history. Some say it was due to creative differences, others because of the age of the protagonist, but it is a fact that it was time for Craig to leave the Bond suit. However, the pandemic delayed the farewell of the actor and we had to wait more than a year to witness this unexpected outcome.

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The creative differences were of course present, but they had nothing to do with the end of the film, but with the opening scene of this production also starring Rami Malek: “We were always worried that senior officials would make us dismiss the Norwegian story, where Safin murders Madeleine’s mother, or that they made us move her place “added Coss, who was also behind productions such as Whiplash: Music and Obsession O La La Land: A Love Story.

Finally, Tom confesses that one of the biggest fears of the production company was the length of the film, but “Once we get to the action, the story is kept to the fullest, always leaving narrative and emotion first.” Then, it is more than clear that the end never had a doubt or possible alternative. The only thing that remains to be defined is the future of this character, Who will wear the Bond suit? Who will be the new agent 007? Who will replace Daniel Craig, listed as the best Bond in history?

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