WarioWare Get it Together: A Truly Compelling New Character System?

Game news WarioWare Get it Together: A Truly Compelling New Character System?

Here is our opinion in a few minutes on this tenth opus of the WarioWare series. A sequel which, while remaining on solid foundations, manages to surprise at the cost of a few flaws that we will regret. Make way for video!

It is always on this concept of crazy mini-games to be chained together under a very short time limit that WarioWare: Get it Together! Is presented. But the seasoned players of the genre may still lose their footing, because Wario introduces the arrival of new playable characters. Over the course of the adventure, you will indeed go looking for your friends stuck with you in a video game. Each level represents a different comrade that you can embody, with for each a particularity, such as the one who cannot move from his initial position.

This represents a breath of fresh air for the series. However, This comes with flaws for multiplayer which, due to these characters with such different and precise abilities, can confuse and frustrate casual gamers. All of this is also weakened by uninspired and quickly boring multiplayer mini-games as demonstrated in the video above.

WarioWare : Get it Together! will be available on September 10, 2021 on Nintendo Switch.

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