Wang Weizhong organized a video conference on the province’s typhoon prevention work, quickly entered the state of defense and prepared to do a solid job in preventing typhoons, and made every effort to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property_South China Net

Wang Weizhong organized a video conference on the province’s typhoon prevention work, quickly entered the state of defense and prepared to do a solid job in preventing typhoons, and made every effort to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property_South China Net

On the afternoon of July 15, Governor Wang Weizhong organized a province-wide video conference on typhoon prevention. The meeting thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on flood prevention and disaster relief work, conscientiously implemented the work deployment of the National Defense Command, and mobilized and deployed the defense and response work of Typhoon “Tali” in accordance with the work requirements of the Provincial Party Committee, so as to fully protect the safety of people’s lives and property .

Typhoon “Tali” is the first typhoon that may land or seriously affect our province this year. The Provincial Defense Headquarters has launched a windproof level IV emergency response at 12:00 on July 15. Wang Weizhong listened to relevant reports from the Provincial Meteorological Bureau, the South China Sea Bureau of the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Provincial Hydrological Bureau, the Provincial Emergency Management Department (Provincial Three Defense Office), and successively connected with Zhanjiang, Maoming, Yangjiang, Jiangmen and other cities one by one to deploy Schedule related defense work. He pointed out that all parts of the province and all departments should attach great importance to it, quickly enter the state of defense and battle, always adhere to the supremacy of the people and life, adhere to high-probability thinking to deal with small-probability events, adhere to limit thinking and bottom-line thinking, and insist on prevention first. Combining prevention, resistance and rescue, fully implement the “six percent” requirements for typhoon prevention, strictly implement early mobilization, early deployment, and early implementation, and effectively eliminate risks and hidden dangers in the bud and before disasters occur.

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Wang Weizhong emphasized that first, we must strengthen monitoring, forecasting, early warning, consultation, research and judgment, pay close attention to the development of typhoons, increase the frequency of consultations, initiate emergency response in a timely and decisive manner, intensively release typhoon dynamics and warnings for prevention and avoidance, and make full use of radio, television, text messages, and WeChat. , rural loudspeakers and other means to transmit forecast and early warning information to the grassroots in a timely manner. Second, we must strictly implement detailed maritime safety control measures, and effectively implement “active avoidance, early avoidance, and preventive avoidance” as a rigid requirement, timely transfer people from dangerous areas, track and supervise fishing boats to return to port to avoid wind, and fishing crews to go ashore to avoid danger. Timely organize the safe evacuation of personnel on offshore operating platforms to ensure that no one person is missed. Third, we must effectively strengthen wind safety management, strengthen the safety protection of equipment such as sheds, scaffolding, tower cranes, gantry cranes, and elevators, and organize reinforcement or demolition measures for simple buildings, traffic signs, billboards, telephone poles, iron houses, and glass curtain walls According to the typhoon prevention requirements, highways, sea routes, bathing beaches, and island tourist attractions in the affected areas should be closed in a timely manner, and outdoor collective activities, work, and business should be suspended as appropriate, and resolutely prevent casualties. Fourth, we must take precautions against heavy rainfall in advance, strengthen the defense of small and medium-sized river floods, mountain torrents, geological disasters, and urban and rural waterlogging, increase inspections of small reservoirs, small ponds, small hydropower stations, and dangerous reservoirs, and water conservancy projects under construction. Protect key sections of roads, cliffs, slopes, and waters, implement preventive measures in advance for areas prone to waterlogging such as culverts, tunnels, underground spaces, underground shopping malls, and subways, and resolutely prevent secondary disasters. Fifth, it is necessary to strengthen various preparations for emergency rescue, coordinate the rescue and emergency forces of all parties, establish an emergency linkage working mechanism, and pre-arrange emergency rescue forces and materials and equipment in advance to ensure that emergency rescue can be quickly put into emergency rescue after a dangerous situation occurs. Sixth, we must strengthen organizational leadership, strictly implement the “same responsibility of the party and government, double responsibilities for one post, joint management, and accountability for dereliction of duty”, strictly implement the 24-hour on-duty and leadership-led shift system during the flood season, strictly enforce the three-defense work discipline, and ensure that all aspects of wind and flood prevention The work is in place.

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Provincial leaders Zhang Hu, Zhang Shaokang, Sun Zhiyang, and Chen Liangxian, deputy commander of the provincial military region Yu Fuwen, and commander of the Armed Police Guangdong Corps Gao Yanping attended the meeting.

Nanfang Daily reporter Li Fengxiang

Correspondent Fu Xin


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