Waiting list at GGDs for HIV pill PrEP

PrEP is an HIV prevention tool that has been available for risk groups at GGDs since 2019. These drugs are not reimbursed by health insurance companies, but the monthly costs are relatively low.

Aidsfonds – STI Netherlands

In fact, the drug should be made easily accessible to everyone, says Aidsfonds – Soa Nederland. HIV is almost under control in the Netherlands. PrEP can be decisive in ending the HIV epidemic in the Netherlands.

There is an increasing demand for the drug in the Netherlands. People can normally go to the GGD for treatment, but due to the increasing demand, people are now ending up on waiting lists. An alternative is to ask the doctor for the medicine, but that is much more expensive.

Decrease in number of infections

In places where PrEP is easily and cheaply available, the number of HIV infections has fallen significantly compared to the period when the drug was not yet available. For example, the number of HIV infections in London has fallen by 40 percent. PrEP is widely available there.

By: National Care Guide


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