Vodianova walks around Paris with her beautiful daughter

Natalia Vodianova spent the entire lockdown with her family in Paris. After the mandatory quarantine period came to an end in the French capital, the supermodel went with her daughter Neva for a walk around the city.

“Paris, we are back! With new love for you after a long break! ” – signed a picture on Instagram Vodianova.

Even with black masks covering half the face, one can see how similar mom and daughter are. Outward similarity is added by warm sweaters with the same knit.

Natalia Vodianova with daughter Neva

Natalia Vodianova with daughter Neva

Subscribers were also surprised by the similarity of Natalia and Neva. “How much you are alike! Like two drops of water, ”“ And mother’s eyes, ”“ Eyes are the same! ”,“ Blue-eyed sisters, ”“ Stunning blondes, ”users commented on the picture.

Neva was born in the marriage of Natalia with the British aristocrat Justin Portman. From this union, the model also has two more children – 18-year-old Lucas and 12-year-old Victor. Vodianova also brings up 6-year-old Maxim and 3-year-old Roman from the French billionaire Antoine Arnault, with whom she has been engaged since the end of 2019.

Very soon their wedding will take place. Vodianova has already revealed nsome details triumph, which, by the standards of France, will be “fairly modest.”

The fact that the famous Russian woman will marry a second time, became known right on the first day of 2020. Natalia told about this on her Instagram and suggested that the new year would be “beautiful and memorable for her”.


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