Vocational baccalaureate ceremony of the BZWU in a festive setting

On June 29, 2022, the 98 successful graduates received their diplomas at the BZWU vocational baccalaureate ceremony in Wiler Stadtsaal. The event was musically framed by the diploma student Dario Sauder on the grand piano.

Rector Marco Frauchiger was very pleased that after the pandemic slowed down, the celebrations could go full throttle again. In his greeting, he advocated more optimism and refuted the overly bleak picture of the world that the media paints every day. There is not only black and different shades of gray, but also many colors. Yellow stands for energy and innovation, blue for trust and clarity, green for harmony and health, and red for passion and courage. It’s worth focusing on.

In his speech, Vice President Urs Thoma gave the graduates three symbols to take with them. The cathedral as an example of what one can build in life; the bumblebee as an example of a certain defiance to achieve one’s goals and finally the rocket as a symbol of courageous decisions.

Before the graduates were awarded top grades and the diplomas were distributed, head of examinations Rolf Höhener described the qualification procedure that took place from June 7th to 17th and congratulated the 98 (of 103 candidates) who had passed.

Awarded for top grades

In 1st place with an average grade of 5.6:

  • Luca Bellini
  • Nicola Martinez Ruiz
  • Lauren Schneider

In 2nd place with an average grade of 5.4:

  • Lena Alpiger (Buehler AG)
  • Tamara Fust

In 3rd place with an average grade of 5.3:

  • Fabio Buri  (UBS AG)
  • Raphael Keller (UBS AG)
  • David Luck
  • Adrian Oberhänsli

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