Viral video | Woman in labor showed her partner with her Xbox playing in her hospital room | VIRAL

It has always been said that when a woman is hours away from the sweet wait, her partner is a key piece to give her peace of mind and strength in the most important moment of her life. In this case, the woman published a viral video showing how the future parent spent time in a hospital room with his Xobx video game console. This happened in , where it has generated a great debate among users.

In the video, posted through the TikTok account , the mother begins by explaining: “So I could go into labor today, and my boyfriend is doing this”. Then, he turns the camera and shows his partner playing with the device, which had been connected to the small screen in the room.

“Honey, why did you bring your Xbox?”she asks her boyfriend. “One game, I promise, one”he replies, without losing sight of the monitor. “You are going to miss the birth of your child because of that Xbox”, says the young woman in the description of the clip that went viral.

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The video of the couple has been viewed more than 7 million times and thousands of people reacted to the images stating that the father’s behavior is “disrespectful” and “leaves much to be desired.”

“I would be very embarrassed when the doctors came”said a netizen.

However, others defended the act, stating that they also played video games while waiting for their baby to arrive.

“Honestly, that doesn’t matter to me at all! I told my husband to bring the Nintendo Switch so we can play Mario Kart when he goes into labor. “wrote one user.

It should be added that the couple’s TikTok account usually publishes videos where they both play pranks, in addition to showing their fun day to day with their children.

What is a viral video?

a It is the recording that is being a trend in social networks and on the Internet in general. They are shorts that can be both professionally produced as well as recorded from your own home and that in a few seconds are shared by thousands or millions of users, gaining a high rate of reproductions.

The , for the most part, they tend to show people’s lives in their most sincere state, which leads to empathize the user who is watching that clip at that moment and encourages them to share it with all their friends on the walls of their social networks.

We also have the of animals, which usually always appear on the platforms since it is a so-called ‘Win to Win’ according to the web portal , so it is not surprising that these recordings appear all the time on the Internet.




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