Viral Video: Taliban turned US Fighter planes into swings .. !! | Viral Video: Taliban tied to ropes on American military plane … !! Video goes viral

Kabul: Many videos and photos of terrorists have been circulating on social media and other media since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

The Taliban on the one hand (Taliban) If the media are full of images of atrocities, on the other hand, they are triumphant demonstrations. Pictures and videos of Taliban terrorists frolicking on useless US military planes have been released before.

Scenes of terrorists cheering at an amusement park in Kabul have recently gone viral. Following this, another video of the Taliban terrorists has gone viral.

A video of Taliban terrorists swinging on the wings of an abandoned warplane after the US shut down is now circulating on social media.

The Taliban terrorists are hanging on the wings of a military plane and holding a joyous procession … !!

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A Chinese official has shared a video of a jubilant demonstration by Taliban terrorists. The video shows the terrorists hanging from the ropes of the plane.

On the one hand, the Taliban terrorists who occupied Afghanistan are forming a government while on the other hand, the Taliban fighters are cheering …. !!

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