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Craig Huggins shocked his listeners after he suddenly delivered sad news related to his mother who died due to infection with the corona virus.

Launching from News.Au, Craig Huggins broadcast the news through radio broadcasts Gold 104.3 di Melbourne, Australia.

“Through Gold 104.3, I always feel that I and you have a relationship to talk to each other and I want to tell you that I have finished broadcasting and will go home. But, sadly I just received news that my mother Joyce just died because of the corona virus. need to call me, I know you also grieve for me and your family, “he said on Tuesday (7/28).

Craig also said the reason for broadcasting the sad news through live broadcasts on his radio.

“I say this sad news because I ask you to be aware of this corona virus. Wear a mask, keep your distance and take care of each of you,” he explained, saying he would take a break from his radio broadcast.

Previously, on Monday (7/27), Craig said that his mother’s condition had worsened after being infected with the corona virus.

“I’ve been broadcasting since the beginning of Gold 104.3 there and I always tell stories It’s a matter of grief “My life includes the birth of my children, my wife who has cancer and others,” he said.

Craig’s sad story became viral after the official radio account owned by 104.3 Melbourne Gold wrote his story on the Twitter page.

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