Violence crisis increases orphans in Zacatecas

On Zacatecas violence has led to an increase in orphanhoodstate officials agreed.

Sara hernandez, honorary president of the DIF, stated that the home home Plácido Domingo it is saturated with 65 minors, when its ideal quota is 40 infants.

The official said that COVID-19 has also been the cause of the increase in the number of orphans.

Zacatecas Police. Photo of SSP Zacatecas

The State Human Rights Commission urged the Office of the Attorney for Children and Adolescents to expedite the installation of protocols and a care program for minor collateral victims of violence.

Maria De la Luz Domínguez, holder of the CEDH, commented that the situation of violence that he is going through Zacatecas “Has effects pitiful“Including the increase in the number of children who are left without parents.

Since 2015, Zacatecas State Attorney General’s Office began a registry of minors who have been orphaned by the crime of femicide, and to date a total of 95 have been registered.

Zacatecas is the seventh state with the most absolute murders so far this year.

Specialists agree that, due to its geographical location, the state is a disputed territory between the cartels from Sinaloa, of the Northeast and that of Jalisco New Generation (CJNG), considered the most dangerous in the country.

In almost a dozen municipalities, local police officers have resigned due to the violence, so a plan of

With information from Milenio and EFE


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