Viewers furious after confrontation in Undercover in the Netherlands

Last week viewers saw that corporal punishment, abuse and humiliation are the order of the day on the care farm in Groningen. Alberto deploys an ‘trainee’ who is given a tour by the two executives, Michel K. and Paul W..

They show her without embarrassment how they put residents outside for hours, throw an orange in someone’s face and pour water into a resident until the person gags.

In the second episode it’s time to confront the two main players. They are under the impression that they are going to swim with residents, but are standing face to face with Alberto at the pool. “Paul and Michel, I want to talk to you,” says Alberto. “I’d like to go without a camera,” Paul immediately says.

“We recorded how you treat the disabled in a terrible way,” Alberto tells the men. “And I have plenty of examples of that. Why don’t you feed disabled people during the day?”

Michel has an explanation for that. “Yes, there are behavioral regulations behind that.” According to him, the fork is very different in the stem than Alberto makes it seem now.

“And why do you sometimes put them outside?” continues Alberto. “In the blazing sun. Why do you let someone sleep in a tent without a pillow, without a blanket and without a mattress? Why?” Michel says again that it concerns behavioral regulations.

“And is it also a rule of conduct, Paul, to put a laundry basket over the head of a handicapped person?” asks Alberto. He emphasizes that the resident had a bloodied head.

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Paul reacts laconically to this situation. “You don’t want to know the story, this is really a joke.” A remark that goes down the wrong way with Alberto: “Oh yes? You know what a joke is? How you treat the disabled.”

Michel has another rebuttal: “Would you rather you spray them flat? That you shove a syringe up their ass, separate them for years (separate, ed.), 256 days a year, because those guys can’t control their behavior ?”

At the end of the episode it becomes clear that the men do not want to take responsibility in any way. Something that makes viewers furious:

The care farm has now been closed and the residents have been accommodated elsewhere. Six employees have been arrested.

Undercover in the Netherlands can be seen on SBS 6 on Sunday at 9:30 PM. Missed the episode? You can look back here.

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