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Videos, photos and words from “No Fear Day”: 600 on the Sentierone (singing “the pandemic is nonsense”)

by drbyos

by Federico Rota

The pandemic “is a lie, a nonsense”, the vaccination campaign “is an experiment”, the Dpcm “measures with a taste of legislative bullying”, the health protocols “functional to the debasement of the country” in favor of high finance. And again: the masks would be “harmful tools for health” useful only for defending oneself “from zealous gendarmes and hypochondriacal citizens”. But above all, mass media and institutions have created a climate of terror that described “a situation that was not real: the existence of a violent virus was not real, which could have been governed if they had not abandoned so many people at home”.

Those who, on Sunday 18 April, crossed the Sentierone had the opportunity to listen to these and many other theses that, in the collective imagination, are compared to denial positions, no-mask or no-vax. The organizers of the “No Fear Day”, as well as the approximately 600 supporters who filled the Piacenza center, however, are keen to point out that they are not “deniers, no-masks or no-vax”, who recognize the existence of Covid ( someone also says to have been infected and to be healed after days of acute malaise) but that they are “for the freedom of thought and speech, aware that in the current media landscape, any voice not aligned with the official vulgate of the media is brutally crushed ».

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Indeed, as argued by the speaker and magistrate Angelo Giorgianni, the labels that the press would put on them, including those of our newspaper that was greeted affectionately and politely from the stage with the gesture of the umbrella by virtue of the article on newsstands this week, would be “free defamation functional to divide people.”

“The antidote to fear is courage”

Despite the controversial premises, the event, organized for the first time in Cesena in November, took place without any kind of criticality or unrest. The moderator of the event, Manuela Gilardi, as soon as the demonstration began, he asked for a minute of silence for the deaths caused by Covid, “a scar and an indelible wound for many of us”. But he immediately added that the rubble produced by the “cialtronic management of the virus” has become the pretext “to prevent us from raising our heads and looking to the future, to detain grandparents now vaccinated and survived the epidemic waves in solitary confinement in the RSA”.

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Between a choir and the other to the cry of «Freedom! Freedom! ”, Interventions and signs emphasizing that“ claiming truth and freedom is not being a denier. Enough labels ”, the Sentierone was filled with young people, adults and parents with children in tow:“ Free citizens – they underline -, free thinkers, party orphans and without an opposition that is the basis of democracy ”.

Although some people did not resign themselves to using the mask, most of the participants wore it. But not to protect one’s own health or that of others, but as a strategy. “Before starting we want to recommend the use of the mask, to which the organizers are contracted not for bastiancontranismo (Treccani would indicate the term bastiancontrarismo, as cacophonous as the previous one) but because it is also clearly written on the packaging that they do not serve to block the spread of virus, much less outdoors – said the presenter -. However, since they have become a pretext to divide the people, we do not want to give the side to this type of exploitation. The “No Fear Day” wants to give a voice to those who have not had a voice, the speakers brought their experience to share ideas, testimonies and proposals unfortunately too often hidden or ignored by official information ».

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The voices from the stage

Among the speakers Paolo Sensini, historian and geopolitical analyst, who after a general excursus on the pandemic argued that the state of emergency we are experiencing has eliminated our constitutional freedoms. A concept also taken up by the lawyer Riccardo Luzzi, who from the stage warned: «In a civilized and democratic country everyone must be free to express their thoughts. We raise doubts for answers for the benefit of all. Any taxation (including the vaccination obligation for health professionals, ed) is against democracy “.

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And with respect to the story linked to the vaccine produced by AstraZeneca, he added: «What happened now was an experimentation to have results that were not available before. When they say “the benefits outweigh the risks” you have to understand that the risks exist. When they exist, one must voluntarily be able to accept them, not on the basis of impositions ».

So it was the turn of one of the most anticipated protagonists, Angelo Giorgianni, presented as “defender of life and respect for fundamental freedoms, spokesperson for the most deeply rooted and intimate values ​​of humanity”. Most will be known for the controversy that arose following the publication of the book State massacre – The hidden truths of Covid-19, with a preface by the prosecutor Nicola Gratteri who immediately distanced himself from the publication after the dust raised.

«It is said that in my book I denied the coffins of Bergamo – he observes -. False, I’m not a denier. So are those who have denied the existence of effective therapies and who have left our friends and families at home to die. Those who wanted to create a climate of terror are. 14 months have passed and today we are looking at home therapies: the truth is that someone had an interest in leaving us in this situation ».

And with regard to vaccines, he calls for caution, given the existence of effective therapies: «We shouldn’t have run too much on an experimental vaccine that is continuing to sow so many deaths. They are not no-vax, they are for vaccines when they are useful and not harmful ». And woe to define him as a conspiracy theorist, even if he claims that there are people “of great political stature like Putin, or like Trump, who speak of a new world order”.

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The lineup then included the intervention of Lidia Sella, journalist and writer, who read the Process to the Mask. List of charges. A text in which it is also written that the masks and the related fines offer politicians the “providential opportunity to also tax the air”, or that “the prolonged use of the mask compromises the correct performance of the respiratory function: we send a toxic substance such as carbon dioxide, such as eating feces and quenching one’s thirst with urine ». And away applause from the crowd, especially when he reads the latest charge: “Reduction in servitude, torture and identity theft”, for which the mask “would be a muzzle, a gag” functional to cancel the identity of each of us for those who aim at a “transhumanism and transgender” or “insert subcutaneous microchips for mass surveillance”.

A man then took turns on the stage who, declaring himself honored to “represent the health sector”, lashed out against the obligation to vaccinate and, finally, Francesco Oliviero, psychiatrist and pulmonologist, who connected to the telephone has sketched a scientific analysis on Sars-CoV-2 saying that “death anxiety attacks the lung meridian. That’s why when people were informed of the positive result of the swab, the patients went into respiratory failure ».

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