Videos | Argentine cyclists in full sprint fall massively and hard due to cloudburst that blanks the entire street

In the soaking wet Paris-Roubaix of October we saw the craziest things, such as a man who was swimming dry (well, dry..) on one of the cobblestone strips. But it was still possible to cycle more or less without the need for a swimming diploma.


That was different with a small Argentine rate earlier this week. In the streets of Buenos Aires a hellish storm broke out, as a result of which the organization already shortened the course by an hour.

It would have been better if they had shortened it by a few hundred meters, because just before the sprint, about 100 meters from the finish, an intersection was completely flooded. And what do you get in combination with a runaway platoon that brakes for nothing. Right, misery…

According to Sporza, three riders were taken to hospital, but the injuries were not that bad. A miracle if you watch the slow motion below again, because they seem to drive into a pit or a hole in the road or something like that.

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