videos and photos are bouncing out of control

Bologna, 19 May 2023 – In these dramatic hours in which the victimsthe missing and the almost infinite damage caused by the flood continue to circulate different fake news and videos. Or rather, real and truthful footage, but decontextualized or dating back to some time ago.

Fake news and the flood: attention to information without control

Supermarkets lack food and water

A not insignificant problem, which fuels confusion and despairin an already tragic moment, with the fake news who go crazy from cell phone to cell phone and push many citizens towards disinformation, generating panic and concern. Fortunately, there are also counter examples: like the photo of the policewoman who saves the child in the middle of the water that is moving the web.

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Engaged couples in the mud… in Senigallia

First of all, a photo that portrays two very young boys has made a comeback, hug each other as they let themselves go to a kisscomplete with spade in hand, boots and mud up to the knees: the shot actually dates back to last year, during the flood that hit the Marche region, and especially the area of Senigallia, in September. And it is precisely here that the photo was taken, in those days.

Bologna, the fake video of the flooded station

Another fake news that has caught on is that of an alleged (and massive) flooding of the Bologna high-speed train station: the film, on the other hand, clearly shows another railway junction. The most observant may already have noticed by observing carefully, but the same video could instead send those travelers who need to pass through the station into a tailspin.

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In fact, even the railways have issued a communicated to clarify the matter.

The road collapses: the video shot in Cesena and not in Bologna

Misinformation also regarding the Hills: a video shot in Tezzo di Sarsina (in the province of Forlì-Cesena) in which a hill can be seen completely collapsing onto the road until it is swept away (complete with earth and moving trees) is instead bounced on instant messaging apps indicating that the devastating abyss it opened on the Bolognese hills, but it is not true.

Piazza Maggiore like a river: it’s an old film

The latest episode is about another footage, this time shot in a Piazza Maggiore completely flooded: the water flows in rivers at the edge of the sidewalks in front of San Petronio, but the recovery – also in this case – is not of these days, but of years ago.

All fake news, unfortunately, have had a almost viral effect achieving great visibility and various shares, to the detriment of clarity and correct information.


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