VIDEO. Young people speak out against politicians

VIDEO.  Young people speak out against politicians

During the special edition of NC la 1ère, Wednesday evening, young people and politicians debated following Emmanuel Macron’s speech. Almost two hours where everyone was able to express themselves.

We have to mix.” “We need to be much closer.” “If we don’t talk, if we don’t drink coffee together, we don’t know each other“, launch the young Caledonians to the political guests during the debate of the special edition of NC la 1time . A special program that took place on Wednesday evening, after Emmanuel Macron’s speech. Moderated by Sheïma Riahi and Anne-Claire Lévêque, the debate focused on several themes: the institutional future, employment and training, purchasing power and inequalities, the “live together“and the environment.

Philippe Dunoyer, MP for the first constituency, replied to the students, entrepreneurs, teachers facing him: “there are not enough young people in politics, we have to take their place, not aggressively of course.

I see that there are a lot of old politicians, where are the young people ?”, continues one of the young people of the assembly to the guests. “Between you and us there is a gap, with the young people who arrive, there is a gap too“, adds another. Laurie Humuni, general secretary of the RDO, agrees: “ We could come out with a speech that is all about politics, but I don’t think we’re listening to you enough.”

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In the end, this debate will have allowed everyone to listen to each other.


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