VIDEO. ”Yeyeye”: Yannick Noah pushes the song to the Blues for a moment very values ​​of rugby

VIDEO.  ”Yeyeye”: Yannick Noah pushes the song to the Blues for a moment very values ​​of rugby

He is one of the hobbies of the management of the Blues, who likes to invite to Marcoussis personalities recognized in their field in order to inspire the Tricolores. The famous Jean Dujardin, who will also be at the helm of the opening ceremony of the next World Cup, has for example already come to visit Dupont and his band. Francis Cabrel, one of the icons of the south-west so dear to many of the France group too, while we also remember the visit of Didier Deschamps no later than in the middle of the month, on the Monaco side. In this 3rd week of preparation for the World Cup and to bring an ounce of variation to the very sporty program of the Blues, the French federation has this time brought in a certain Yannick Noah, singer of course, but also an illustrious tennis player and last French winner of Roland -Garros. It was in 1983.
RUGBY. Dujardin, 200 volunteers, what we know about the opening ceremony of the 2023 World CupAs always, this exchange was very constructive for our Blues, also in search of the Holy Grail in a few weeks and always very open to discussion with these characters with such great experience. He was also very friendly and once again gave pride of place to the song. Witness this scene which makes you smile, observable in the last episode of Destins Mêlés, where Joachim’s father sings the pack leader’s song, with, in chorus, all the Blues with “gnagnagna” and “yeyeye “. Which changes a little from “la laughter” or “tractor”, you will agree…

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Find this passage from 6m20 in the video:


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