Video: “Without an excuse” interview with SLK boss Thomas Weber

December 07, 2021, 11:36 a.m.

Heilbronn On Tuesday morning, Thomas Weber was a guest at the premiere of the new interview format “Without an excuse – The Live Talk from”. The SLK managing director commented on the dramatic situation in the healthcare system. The full length video is available here.

the Heilbronn voice started a new multimedia interview format on Tuesday. Under the title “Without an excuse – the live talk from” there is a conversation partner who will be the focus this week. The respective guest will be available to answer questions for 30 minutes, and the interview will be played live here and on the Voice channel on Youtube broadcast. It can then be called up at any time. SLK managing director Thomas Weber was a guest on Tuesday.

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Interview guest of the week

As a rule, the program is broadcast on Friday afternoon, but due to current events, it can also be produced on other days of the week. The focus is on: What is the region talking about? When it comes to current criminal cases, the police chief is available to answer questions. If a company gets into trouble, the head of the company will face it. If there is trouble in a town or municipality, the mayor is the person to talk to. However, artists who are visiting the region on this day or athletes who are about to enter a decisive competition are also invited.


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