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VIDEO | View the May 4th commemoration in Waadhoeke here

by drbyos

The May 4th commemoration of the municipality of Waadhoeke was streamed live from the Marinikerk in Franeker. Mayor Waanders gave a speech and Frank Steensma told the impressive Carel Steensma, pilot and resistance fighter from Franeker.

Gerrit Breteler, together with his musicians, provided the musical accompaniment. After the program in the church, the party went outside. Here followed two minutes of silence and the Wilhelrmus, after which Mayor Waanders laid a wreath at the reflection monument. She did this in the presence of Police Chief Watze Numan.

Also men from the National Reserve, Scouting Andromeda group with youth fire brigade Franeker and Frank Steensma with children’s mayor Hester Sijtsma laid flowers or a wreath.

Watch the ceremony below:

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