(video) Vermilion is now doing work at Grou

(video) Vermilion is now doing work at Grou

Grou / Video – Vermilion started work at Grou this week. This will take place at the Grouw 1 location on De Klif next to the industrial estate. Vermilion Energy produces natural gas from small fields for Dutch households and companies.


Part of this work cannot be interrupted. That is why the work can take place day and night and the location is illuminated in the evening and night. Residents may experience nuisance from this. Local residents have been informed about the work by letter.


Vermilion expects the work to last until the end of July. Due to external factors, such as weather or other circumstances, the planning may be different.

Inspection and maintenance work at the end of August

From the end of August, Vermilion will carry out inspection and maintenance work on the underground pipeline that runs from the Bozum location on the Hegedyk to our location on the Leechlân near Grou. These activities will only be carried out during the day, traffic movements and activities in rural areas are visible.

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