Video: Train drivers’ union and railroad agree

NOTE: This post will be broadcast without a narration. O-Ton Claus Weselsky, GDL chairman: “Here is a union chairman who has had a stressful week behind him. At the end of the day he negotiated a good compromise with the employers. that someone famous has said before me – the pension is safe. And with that I want to express that the supplementary pension collective agreement will be continued for all railway workers who come on board here until December 31, 2022. For each individual, for Each individual until the end of their working life. Second: Income increases in December 2021. Both 1.5 percent and Corona subsidy of 600 and 400 euros, depending on the income group. As the next step, a second Corona subsidy in March 2022 in the amount The third step: 1.8 percent on March 1, 2023. The running time, which has been widely reported in the media, is 32 months here too you can see that the compromise was not that easy for both sides. ” “Original sound from Martin Seiler, DB Human Resources Director:” The Gordian knot has been resolved. The bridge between our customers, employees and the company has actually been successful. This means that we have a wage settlement that takes into account the corona damage and at the same time recognizes the great commitment of our employees. It also includes an industry leading retirement plan. And there is also clarity in the application of the Unified Collective Bargaining Act and in the question of where which collective agreements apply? We have negotiated hard and intensively in the last few days, confidentially, away from the public. And my special thanks also go to both of you, Mr. Weil, Mr. Günther, for the mediation, without which the impulses and support and, in the end, this result would not have been possible. And it has also been shown that when you sit at the table with the GDL, solutions are also quickly feasible and attainable. “



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