VIDEO. TOP 14. The enormous match of the young Clermont center Tani Vili against La Rochelle

Day 3 of the Top 14 2021/2022, Marcel-Michelin stadium. After two defeats in as many days, it is so much to find solutions on the side of Clermont-Ferrand, just not to be won by the lead car. For this, the ASM is counting on the return of its executives and in particular those of Peceli Yato, Fritz Lee or Kotaro Matsushima for the reception of La Rochelle. Problem, in some positions like the center, there is a lack of experienced men. Apisai Naqalevu and Wesley Fofana are both injured. What then does Jono Gibbes choose? Starting the young Tani Vili (20) alongside George Moala for the second time in a row, of course.

It is the player of the@ASMOofficial who is the man of this match with a good try and many meters covered! 🏃‍♂️

🎮 To play it’s here:

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