VIDEO | This is what Rotterdammers are doing to prevent food waste

We all throw away moldy bread, rotten meat or sour milk from time to time. but aren’t we doing this too soon? A large supermarket chain has started selling ‘stale’ bread for 50 euro cents since this week. They hope that this will prevent food waste. We asked Rotterdammers at the market at Visserijplein in Delfshaven what they do themselves to prevent a lot of food from ending up in the trash.

“We come all the way from Hellevoetsluis to buy our vegetables here at the market, not only for us but also for our children. We take the products that we don’t need to the food bank,” says a cheerful couple at the market at Visserijplein. Not only does this couple bring their leftover food to the food bank, but also the fishmonger himself.

Numerous parties are working in Rotterdam to prevent food from being thrown away. Zero Food Waste Rotterdam and BroodNodig, for example. But BuurtBuik Rotterdam also ensures that less is thrown away by cooking meals with residual products. A lady on the market shares her ultimate tip to prevent waste: “Just cook a little less, then you are less likely to have to throw something away.”

How do you make sure you don’t have to throw away food? Share it with us on our socials or email us at [email protected]

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