Video: This is how the flag shooters bypass the barrier on Kapellenweg

Video: This is how the flag shooters bypass the barrier on Kapellenweg

The brave flag shooters from Buschhausen were not impressed by the barrier on Kapellenweg on Saturday afternoon. Nothing could stop them from reaching their goal – the Cluse farm.

If there’s one thing you can’t say about the Buschhausen flagmen, it’s lack of determination. Even an annoying barrier on the Kapellenweg cannot stop them – even though they were on the way from the town center to the Cluse farm. Since this barrier had probably not reckoned with the unswerving determination of the pennants!

Photo: Petra Bosse

Always good for a surprise

For these brave souls, the way is the goal! They defy all obstacles and take life with humor. The barrier must have thought it could stop the flag shooters, but puff cake! These guys are always good for a surprise. They were not deterred by a “no entry” – instead, a carriage shuttle service with a truck was improvised at short notice! A bit of adventure must finally come.

Flag shooters don’t do things by halves

And so the journey continued, via the B58 to the other side to pick up the royal couple there again. One can only imagine what the faces of passers-by looked like as they witnessed this unconventional spectacle. The flagmen from Buschhausen don’t do things by halves when it comes to celebrating their tradition and fun.

So, dear barrier on Kapellenweg, you’ve tried your best, but you can’t do anything against the tireless enthusiasm of the pennants. They go their own way, no matter what gets in their way. Keep it up, flag shooters, you are simply unbeatable! And who knows, maybe there will be an even greater challenge the next time you move – but one thing is for sure: it never gets boring with you! Bottom up!

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