Video: The road to Uppsala – part 2

In a reportage series, viewers can follow the women’s national team’s path towards the WC in IFU Arena this winter. Now the second part of the Road to Uppsala has been released.

The women’s national team will play the World Cup at home in Uppsala, IFU Arena, 27 November-5 December.

During the autumn and winter, six reports will be released that follow the ladies at camps, international matches, World Cup camps and the World Cup.

The second part was produced during the women’s national team’s camp in Gävle in August. Here, viewers get to meet Emelie Wibron and national team captain Åsa Karlsson, the episode is about Wibron and her journey from giving birth in January, playing the Swedish Championship final in April and then making a national team comeback in August.

See the second part of the Road to Uppsala:

short_text Published by Lisa Eskils 2021-09-10, at 08:21

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