VIDEO | The motivation and self-confidence of MBO students: ‘He said: you’re going to make it, friend!’

“I only did high school.” Teacher and researcher Karim Amghar hears this statement all too often. Although MBO is the engine of the Dutch economy, MBO seems to be struggling with an image problem. In the four-part series ‘Indispensable MBO’, Amghar investigates how students, teachers and education experts experience the image of MBO.

In episode 2, Karim Amghar discusses their motivation with MBO students. Did they consciously choose their education? How do you prevent school dropout? And do parents still play a role in vocational education?

Committing to school dropout
“I want to start my own business later, help the economy and hire people.” Amghar speaks with students from the Zadkine Logistics College and the Technology College Rotterdam. He also visits the youth workers of DOCK who are committed to preventing early school leaving. Although the number of early school leavers has fallen sharply since 2002, it still occurs. In the 2019-2020 school year, nearly 23,000 young people dropped out of school without a basic qualification.

“He said to me: Nobody wants a blind black Muslim so you are going to destroy it!”

MBO students often have to make a choice of study at a young age. Parental involvement can play an important role in student motivation. “It is important that you give parents professional images and pride so that they see what their children are learning and doing,” says Mariëtte Lusse, Lector Cooperating with Parents.

If anyone knows the importance of intrinsic motivation and perseverance, it is Mohamed Abdulahi. Former senior secondary vocational education student Abdulahi is a policy supporter at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. The foundation for his confidence was laid by his old math teacher. “He said to me: No one wants a blind black Muslim so you are going to destroy it! You’re going to make it, buddy!”

Indispensable secondary vocational education
Indispensable mbo is a four-part series by presenter and researcher Karim Amghar and documentary makers Aurora Peters and Itam van Teeseling. The series is made possible in part by OPEN Rotterdam and the Municipality of Rotterdam.

Every Monday from October 4 at 6.15 pm at OPEN Rotterdam. Watch all episodes here.


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