Video: the largest heat pump factory in the Netherlands

Video: the largest heat pump factory in the Netherlands

Outgoing ministers Rob Jetten (Climate and Energy) and Hugo de Jonge (Housing and Spatial Planning) opened Remeha’s new heat pump factory today. This year, 50,000 indoor units for hybrid heat pump installations will be produced here. With several services per day, the total capacity can even be increased to 140,000 devices on an annual basis.

It’s not that far yet. Together with the production locations at Intergas in Coevorden and Itho Daalderop in Tiel, at least 100,000 appliances will be produced in the Netherlands this year. The market is ready to scale up. Read the analysis of here.

Together with Remeha CEO Arthur van Schayk, the countdown to the opening was made. In this video you can see in these ten seconds how the indoor part of a hybrid heat pump is assembled in Apeldoorn. From soldering the pipes to the plate heat exchanger, to the final pressure test before the unit is shipped to the wholesaler in its packaging. The outdoor parts of the Elga Ace heat pump from Remeha (4 and 6 kW) are supplied to the wholesaler via the Japanese company Toshiba.

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