Video: the incredible KO conceded by Badr Hari at Glory 78

Star kickboxer Badr Hari suffered a surprising loss on Saturday at Glory 78 to Arkadiusz Wrzosek.

In Rotterdam, the world number 3 made his comeback on the rings. After an impressive entry with a public completely committed to his cause, the Dutch-Moroccan started this fight against the Pole foot to the floor.

He also sent his opponent to the ground three times. Badr Hari then attempted the KO but, perhaps too confident, it was Arkadiusz Wrzosek who achieved the improbable by performing a high kick in the 2e round, sending him to the ropes, knockout.

A huge disillusion for Hari (36 years old) who has had a series of setbacks for six years. Either through injury or after a sumptuous blow from an opponent. While on October 23, an exceptional clash between Rico Verhoeven and Alistair Overeem will take place, Badr Hari now seems far from his compatriots. Unless…

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