Video: The Formula 1 circus descends on the Zandvoort circuit

Video: The Formula 1 circus descends on the Zandvoort circuit

The Grand Prix of the Netherlands is on the program this weekend. Then the normally quiet seaside resort in North Holland will be transformed into one large circuit. There is a lot of planning involved, as you can see from the video below.

In Zandvoort, home hero Max Verstappen can equal a record. In 2013, former driver Sebastian Vettel won nine races in a row and since then no driver has ever come close to that record. So far, because Verstappen has currently won eight races in a row and there is a good chance that a ninth victory in a row will be added next Sunday.

Furthermore, Red Bull can also set a new record. The Austrian formation already holds the record for the most consecutive races in one season, but can always improve that record. With a win by Verstappen or Sergio Pérez at Zandvoort, Red Bull has won thirteen races in a row in one season (fourteen if the Abu Dhabi GP in 2022 is also included).

Watch the video of the work on the Zandvoort circuit below:

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